Community Service

Giving Back To The Community

Dr. Wheeler, Stephen, and his wife Lynne, have lived, worked and raised their family in the North County of San Diego for thirty years. During this time they have been actively involved in their church, their children’s schools, and several other philanthropic organizations. This involvement has been both financial as well as participatory, with Lynne volunteering her time on numerous boards both as a valued member and as sitting president.

A number of these organizations include Casa de Amparo (for abused women), Children’s Hospital, The Center for Neglected Childhood Diseases, Children’s Dental Health Association, Patron’s of the Prado, Starlight Theatre (civic light opera), ARCS, and board involvement for both Dr. Wheeler (Steve) and Lynne in their children’s schools – Steve was on the board for the Santa Fe Christian Schools and Lynne was on the USC Board of Governors for three years. Additionally, Dr. And Mrs. Wheeler have been able to devote time to building homes for those who are less fortunate in Ensenada, Mexico, through Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Dr. Wheeler is on the board for the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA) and was involved locally organizing a number of dentists and labs to provide time and expertise for patients who needed dental implants but could notafford care. All of these patients are unable to function with conventional dentures due to severe, long term bone loss. Fortunately these doctors are able to rehabilitate these individuals using dental implants to anchor their lower dentures, alleviating years of suffering accompanied by more serious medical disorders as a result of being unable to chew well.


Both Steve and Lynne Wheeler feel they have been blessed to be able to live and work in San Diego. They feel fortunate to have the opportunity to help individuals and organizations in need. Their sincere hope is to make the community a better place to live.

Staff Members:  2014 California Dental Association (CDA),  Denise and Adriana featured volunteering their time and services to provide needed dental services to San Diego’s less fortunate.